Monday, November 10, 2008


URI letter to President-elect Obama

United Repubicans of Iran

For a Democratic and Secular Republic in Iran

November 9, 2008

Dear President-elect Barack Obama:

It is with a deeply felt sense of joy, that we wish to congratulate you on your overwhelming and historic victory. For us, as for countless number of others across the globe, your election to the presidency of the United States attests to the vigor of the American democratic system of government and, proclaims once again, the deeply rooted respect of the American people for basic principles of human rights.

We had keenly followed your electoral campaign and listened carefully to your eloquent victory speech about your vision, not only for the welfare and prosperity of American people but also for the cause of peace and co-existence among nations. Your message of “change” will surely resonate in the heart of millions of people looking for new era of peace and stability in the world. We have been particularly impressed by your resolve to start negotiations with the Islamic regime to motivate this undemocratic regime to welcome international efforts in finding a peaceful end to the long brewing tensions between the Iranian government and the West.

We would like, however, to urge you, in the pursuit of this end, to take into consideration the peaceful and wide-spread struggle of Iranian people in attaining their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Wishing you success in attaining all of your lofty goals.


On Behalf of the Executive Council of United Republicans of Iran

Chair of International Relations Committee

Mehran Barati, Ph. D.
Dahlmannstr. 11, D-10629 Berlin (Germany)

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