Monday, March 28, 2005


Seymour Hersh Interview | David Barsamian | April 2005 issue of Progressive

"Q: With the military overextended, how can they even contemplate military action against Iran?
Hersh: They're not contemplating an invasion; they are talking about a limited series of air strikes, which they hope triggers dissent that would overthrow the government. It would involve capabilities we have, missiles and airplanes and no troops. That's the thinking.
The whole purpose of my article 'The Coming Wars,' published in The New Yorker, was to get the debate about that out. Maybe a discussion about all of this will convince Washington to do something it hasn't been doing, which is joining in the European talks with the Iranians on finding ways to convince Iran to back off its nuclear ambition. Give them the goods, the carrots and sticks. But we won't join the talks, and without us, they're not going anywhere. How can you have a security guarantee? The Europeans can give their security guarantees to Iran all they want in return for their stopping their enrichment. But as long as America says we're going to stay out here and we're not going to drop the stick, we're going to pound you if we have to, it's not going to work."

Seymour Hersh Interview | David Barsamian | April 2005 Issue of Progressive:

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