Friday, March 25, 2005


United Nations Association of USA adopts a resolution on Iran

Ensuring the Implementation of N.P.T. Safeguards in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Sponsored by: UNA-USA/Metropolitan Seattle Chapter

Recalling the Charter of the United Nations, that "... All Members shall
settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner
that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.

Noting the report by the IAEA in which it acknowledged that Iranian
cooperation had resulted in Agency access to all requested locations, but
stressed that Iran's cooperation had not been as full, timely and proactive as it should have been; and

Noting that foreign ministers from France, Germany and the United Kingdom
met December 13, 2004 with the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security
Council, to open negotiations toward a long-term resolution of concerns
surrounding Tehran's nuclear programs; and the United States offered
cautious public support for the talks; and

Noting that Iran with a population of over 65 million and a dynamic young
society which would rally behind the Iranian regime in the event of an
attack; and

Observing reports in the media of a possible military attack on Iran by
the United States to eliminate the nuclear weapon production facilities, and
that covert intelligence actions are underway to identify underground,
hardened, dispersed production facilities; and

Recognizing the improved potential for Israeli/Palestinian peace talks,
which would be threatened by a military attack on Iran; and

Observing that Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
(N.P.T.) from which they would likely withdraw if attacked, and that such
an attack could result in the unraveling of the N.P.T.; and

Having determined:

(1) That this critical issue requires resolute negotiation to avoid
military action which is likely to cause extensive civilian casualties and
result in increased widespread terrorism upon the United States; and

(2) That destruction of the dispersed and hardened sites cannot be
certain of success;

Therefore the UNA-USA calls upon the Government of the United States of

1. Pursue a diplomatic solution by joining the European Union
negotiations; and

2. Encourage the continued work of IAEA so that Iran's nuclear activities
can be monitored continually; and

3. Further, that the UNA-USA calls upon the IAEA to institute safeguards
on a continuing basis by IAEA to ensure Iran does not resume the enrich
uranium for the production of nuclear weapons.

Requests UNA-USA to provide copies of this resolution to appropriate
officials of the U.S. government , to the Permanent Representatives of UN
member States, and to the Secretary-General of the UN.

Adopted March 6, 2005 in New York City by the Biennial National Convention of United
Nations Association-USA

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