Friday, July 15, 2005


EJI denounces bombings in London

Subject: We condemn the barbaric attack on the People of England
Date: July 7, 2005

Once again we have witnessed the blind eye of terror as it unleashed a
massive attack on the innocent. This time it was London, England.
According to reports over 50 people died and hundreds injured. We
stand with the people of Iran in condemning this barbaric attack and
grieve with the people affected by it. Terrorism has no boundaries as it afflicts pain on the people of Great Britain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Spain, and the United States. Yesterday it was NY and Washington DC, today London and tomorrow who knows?

We believe terrorism will not cease by the arrest or killing of a few but
rather it must be dealt with at the root. We must see what drives
people into such desperate acts? We must create a condition where
conflicts are resolved through dialogue and not bombs and terror. We
call upon all peace loving people to put their heads and efforts
together to put an end to these types of crimes whether it is in the
name of religion, ideology or other.

It is time to seek a common ground and make terror a no more option.

Mehdi Amini
Executive Council
International Relations Coordinator
Unity for a Democratic and Secular Republic in Iran

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