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Heating up Nuclear Row Endangers National Security

Ettehad Jomhourikhahan-e Iran
International Relations Committee

Date: September 30, 2005

Adoption of the resolution put forth by three European countries, Britain, France and Germany, in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) fulfilled the first step in referring Iran to United Nation’s Security Council on nuclear issues. Further steps in that direction will put our country in a more perilous situation. in the international arena. It will threaten our national interest and will dim the prospect of international relations.

In the adopted resolution, a date for referring Iran to United Nations Security Council has not been assigned yet. However, in the light of Iran’s current nuclear policy, the resolution attests to it.

Unity for a Democratic and Secular Republic in Iran (UDSRI) adopted the following resolution with respect to the predicaments mentioned and declares:

1. According to international conventions and protocols, acquiring nuclear technology is an un-alienated right of every nation. Decisions in that regard lies in the hands of the people and their legitimate government. Nevertheless, exercising the right to access this technology calls for a responsible government that respects international laws and submits to the will of its people. In our country the right to nuclear technology has been undermined by troublesome policies and actions adopted by the Islamic Republic both abroad and at home. Abuse of free elections and violation of human rights have contributed to an unsanctioned image of our government in the eyes of the world. So long as the Islamic Republic supports the slogans of “Death to United States”, “Death to Israel” and lately “Death to Britain”, and as long as it officially calls some countries as its enemies, the international community regards the nuclear ambitions of the government as a threat to the world security.

2. A shift in the government policy with respect to nuclear technology and loosened commitment to the negotiations and agreements with three European countries will isolate our country furthermore and put more burdens on our people. Despite the government’s claim, referral of Iran’s case to Security Council (SC) will subject our fate in their hand. The lives of the Iranian people will be impacted by dangers the least of which includes sanctions and by threatening national security.

3. The authorities of the Islamic Republic more than anyone else are using the nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip. Their rhetoric on the importance and urgency of uranium enrichment is baseless. There is no direct correlation between nuclear technology which today has employed a great number of workers and scientists and enrichment. Our nation like other countries can expand its nuclear technology without uranium enrichment.

4. UDSRI seeks every possible measure to avoid the transfer of Iran’s nuclear program activities to the Security Council. In our view, one way to do so is to stop all uranium enrichment activities and to return to the negotiating table with the 3 European countries. We believe in negotiations versus escalation of tension. To Cooperate with IAEA is neither against national right of acquiring nuclear technology nor the peaceful use of atomic energy.

5. We believe that the recent policies of the government of President Ahmadinejad are tampering with national security and the future of our country. We declare that the responsibility of any embargo against our nation and people and any harm to our country rests solely on the shoulders of those who seek to create crisis in our foreign policy and not normalizing Iran’s relationship with other nations.

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