Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Members of the Parliament in Sweden appeal on behalf of Ganji

October 13, 2005/Sweden

Honorable president Javier Solana of European Union council
Honorable president of the European Union, Human Rights commission

Subject: Announcement in support of Akbar Ganji and Arzhang Davodi (political prisoners) and Mustafa Jokar all being held in Islamic republic prisons.

From: Members of the Swedish parliament and the other organization of the liberal party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna)

Once again, we Members of Swedish Parliament have been informed about the health and condition of living of Mr. Akbar Ganji, leading journalist and Mr.Arjang Davodi (political prisoners) and Mr. Mustafa Jokar journalist, all being held in Islamic republic prisons, with the judiciary proceedings followed by Islamic vigilantes and their supreme leadership and his followers to prosecute and pressurize them with tailored allegations.

Mr. Akbar Ganji, was on hunger strike and from the hospital was send to prison and now is being kept in solitary confinement at Tehran's Evin jail, while he has back problem and asthma, also he is banned from seeing his wife and children.

Arjang Davodi, independent student's movement and political activist held in Bandar Abbas prison, convicted for fifteen years, he is under current mental and physical torture.

Mustafa Jokar, journalist and writer, is held in notorious Evin Prison for so long, and due to his critical heart problem, he needs immediate medical care, and we are very concerned that his health could further deteriorate.

We undersigned members of Swedish Parliament, and the other organization of the liberal Party (FolkPartiet Liberalna), are extremely concerned about the health and illegal imprisonment of these and all other political prisoners held in inhuman condition, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We ask of you to put more pressure to the Islamic government, in order to make them reconsider their cases and order their immediate and unconditional release.

Looking forward to hearing from you Yours Faithfully

Axel Darvik, Member of the Swedish Parliament, representing the Liberal Party.

Ana.Maria Narti, Member of the Swedish parliament, Committee on Education and Inter-Parliamentary Group, representing the Liberal Party.

Folkpartiet liberalerna partikansliet Drottninggatan97 Box 6508 113 83 Stockholm tfn. 08-410 242 00 Fax 0

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