Tuesday, December 12, 2006


DC Event: Speech by Mr. Hassan Shariatmadari

Transition to Democracy in Iran:
Reality or wishes

Monday December 18, 2006 at 7 PM

Mr. Hassan Shariatmadari is one the prominent figures of the Iranian pro-democracy opposition and the son of the late Grand Ayotallah Kazem Shariatmadari.

He is currently the Secretary General of Jomhourikhahan Melli Iran and a member of the Executive Board and Political Council of Etehad Jomhourikhan Iran)United Republicans of Iran). Both organizations advocate secular and democratic politics based on a republican system of governance and non-violent change.

Mr. Shariatmadari has been an active and influential participant of the Iranian politics during the last three decades. During the immediate period after the 1979 Iranian revolution he played a leading role in the massive but unsuccessful opposition to the theocratic clauses of the current constitution. Mr. Shariatmadari currently resides in Hamburg, Germany.

Woodburn Elementary School
Intersection of Gallows Road and Hemlock Street,
3401 Hemlock Drive,
Falls Church, VA

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