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URI: Military Action Will be the End Of the Democratic Movement in Iran
March 5, 2007
Military Action Will be the End
Of the Democratic Movement in Iran
The current escalation of conflict between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States is a serious cause for concern. It is bringing the two countries closer to a potential military confrontation, whether by accident or design. Although the recent announcement that Iran will join other countries in a regional conference to discuss the security crisis in Iraq is a good step toward deescalating these tensions, we believe it is only the first step.
United Republicans of Iran is a political organization whose members are mainly exiled activists living in the West. Although we are aware that the foreign policy of Iran has caused extreme detriment to the economic, political and social interests of the Iranian people, we stand firmly in support of the national interests of Iran and its citizens and we declare our strongest opposition to any foreign military intervention in Iran by United States, Israel, or their allies. It is our firmly-held opinion that military action against Iran will create ghastly long-term dynamics in the region, have irreparable and detrimental consequences to the stability of the region, and destroy all prospects for promotion of democracy in Iran and the region. Moreover, it will give an excuse to the Islamic Republic of Iran for increasing its oppression of the freedom movement inside Iran.
We firmly support the sovereignty of Iran as a nation, the plight of Iranians for democracy and human rights through peaceful means, and the advancement of the institutions of civil society in Iran. A military confrontation with Iran not only impacts American national interests throughout the world as well as in the region, it can only achieve widespread destruction of economic, educational, and cultural infrastructures in Iran. It will also cost many lives on all sides.

A way forward should be found through serious and genuine dialogue. However, western countries should not lose sight of the abuse of human rights by the Iranian government. Any negotiations that exclude this clause from the table will reinforce the attempts of the government of Iran to annihilate the growing discontent of civil society forces in the country.

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