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United Republicans of Iran: Descrimination must end against the Bahai's

United Republicans of Iran
for a Democractic and Secular Republic

October 8, 2007
We condemn discrimination against the Baha’i’s in Iran

We demand recognition of the Baha’i’s by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Based on the news disseminated by the International organization of the Baha’i’s and Baha’i students, the officials of ministry of Higher Education in charge of the Entrance examination for Post Secondary Education in Iran, in an unprecedented move have deprived hundreds of Baha’i applicants from accessing the results of their examinations. Based on this report, after visiting the ministry of higher education web site, these students have learnt of the ministry’s claim that their documents were incomplete. Some of these students tried without vail to contact the responsible individuals at the ministry to find out why their test results were not available. Based on the report of Human Rights Watch there are 800 students in this situation. The report of Human Rights Watch indicate that two students have stated that after contacting the ministry it was evident that their beliefs were the cause their inability to access their test results. Another student had been told that high ranking officials of the ministry have ordered that the examination of Baha’i students not be evaluated. One student has said that an official suggested to him that should his family deny their connection to the Baha’i faith, he would be able to get his test result.

Over the past 30 years, persecution and harassment of the Baha’i’s have been the common practice of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Being a Baha’i in itself is considered an offense and Baha’i’s in Iran have been subject to prosecution by the Islamic government. The rulers of the theocracy in Iran do not recognize the Baha’i faith as a minority religion. The followers of the faith have consistently been treated with extreme enmity and aggression and been accused of sacrilegious.

United Republicans of Iran demands that all forms of discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity and race is renounced by the government of Islamic Republic. Our organization is an advocate of equal opportunity for all regardless of gender, race, religion, and ethnicity.

We demand an end to the persecution of the Bahai’s and recognition of this faith as a minority religion in Iran.

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