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Latest news from One Million Signature Website

Dear Friends, the English Site of the Campaign has been updated with several news items, articles and reports. Take a look at the following items which have been added to our English site over the past 2 months and please kindly reflect news on arrests and summons (in campaigners and news section):

Ronak Remains in Prison, Her Mother Beaten by Officials

Campaign Member Maziar Samiee Arrested

Thirteen Equal Rights Defenders Summoned to Court

Lamenting a Dream, By Delaram Ali (on the detention of Ronak Safarzadeh)

A year with the Campaign: Acquired Lessons from a Shift to a Horizontal Power Structure, By Jelve Javaheri

A year of Experience for the Drafters of the Family Support Legislation and Nothing Learned!, Zohreh Arzani

Empowering Iranian Women through the One Million Signatures Campaign, By Sussan Tahmasebi

Men and the One Million Signatures Campaign, by Ali Abdi

Face to Face:
A Day in the Life of a Campaigner, by Nahid Mirhaj

In Solidarity with my Sisters in Iran: A Letter From the West, by Shirin Saeidi
Me and the Campaign on Vozara Street: A Laugh at a Chaotic Situation, by Raheleh Asgarizadeh

Kermanshah: 8 Months with the One Million Signatures Campaign, by Gelareh Bahrami

Shiraz Activists Celebrate the First Anniversary of the Campaign

Painting Exhibit Held in Honor of the Campaign's Anniversary

On the Web:
One Million Sisters, Article by Dr. Nayereh Tohidi on the Campaign Featured in Ms. Magazine

Anniversary of the One Million Signatures Campaign, Article by Mehrangiz Kar, featured in

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