Thursday, November 15, 2007


No to War with Iran and Yes to Civilized resolution of Iran-US conflict

United Republicans of Iran
For a Democratic and Secular Republic

November 15, 2007

No to War with Iran and Yes to
Civilized resolution of Iran-US conflict

While the wounds of the eight year war with Iraq is still fresh in the minds of the Iranians, the threat of yet another devastating war is looming on our nation.

The newspapers and media in the west have uncovered a frightening scenario which is being drawn up by the planners for a military attack on Iran. Certain elements within the US Government headed by President Bush and Vice President Chaney are talking about attacking Iran to stop Islamic Republics nuclear program activities. Israeli Government is also pushing for an attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

The United Republicans of Iran, once again declares its outmost opposition to any attack on Iran. We believe that an attack is a crime against the Iranian People as well as the humanity and warns against the outcome for the region as well as the world.

It is obvious that attack on thousands of military facilities especially use of nuclear weapons as have been discussed in some corners, will result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iranian, uprooting of millions from theirs homes, destruction of the economical infrastructure and annihilation of all political, economical and social order.

Such an attack will turn Iran into Iraq and Afghanistan on a much grander scale and shows the animosity of the planners toward the people of Iran as well as peace and stability in the world.

United Republicans of Iran calls for an end to such rhetoric by the United States Government and emphasizes the necessity to resolve all disputes between the United States and Iran through diplomatic means and with respect to the interests of the both countries.

We stand side by side with the peace loving people of the world by declaring that any threat of attack must stop and that resolution of Iran’s nuclear programs must be dealt with through the legal channel of the international laws and agencies.

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Dear URI:

Though I am not as familiar with your group as I would like to be, I recently had the pleasure of meeting your International Relations Coordinator, and giving your website a cursory examination. It seems that you are making a good-faith effort to support both advancement of fundamental human rights and avoidance of catastrophic war. Good luck with your continuing activities!
Alexander Patico
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