Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Joint Declaration: EU visit to Iran

2nd EP/ Iran Interparliamentary meeting between the European Parliament and the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Tehran, 8-9 December 2007

Joint Statement by the Chairs

Members of the European Parliament and of the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran held their 2nd interparliamentary meeting in Tehran on 8-9 December, 2007.

Both Delegations stress the importance of regular dialogue, which affords an opportunity for engaging in constructive discussion of a range of political, social and economic issues.

We agreed to report to our Parliaments the content of our discussions, particularly in the areas where efforts should be deployed by both sides in order to achieve positive results.

We examined a wide array of issues of common interest, including the situation in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, EU/Iran political and economic relations, human rights issues, combating terrorism and drug trafficking, nuclear non-proliferation and the possibilities for developing satisfactory, peaceful solutions to nuclear issues, under NPT and IAEA regulations.

The two Delegations renew their commitment to improve the effectiveness of their dialogue, which should be put on a permanent, regular basis so as to deliver the full potential of the interparliamentary relationship.

Dr. Mahmud Mohammadi Angelika Beer

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