Wednesday, March 12, 2008


German Bundestag Resolution in regards to Elections in Iran

On March 6, 2008, German Bundestag asked the Iranian Government to recognize the candidacy of all candidates including the reformist candidates. Among those voting in favor of resolution 8379/16 along with the coalition government were Social Democrat and Christian Democrat Parties as well as liberal Party, the Green party and the left. German Parliament also asked the Government of Iran to hold a free and fair election for everyone. The Iranian election is scheduled to take place March 13.

It also reiterated its willingness to continue its existing dialogue with their Iranian counterparts as well as its wish to meet the representatives of political parties in the near future.

There were 7200 candidates for the election of which unfortunately majority of them were disqualified. According to the reformist parties, only 20 percent of their candidates were qualified.

In addition, the German Bundestag stated that only a parliament which is truly representative of the people can challenge the hard road ahead. To achieve a true competitive election, there must be freedom to vote and freedom to be elected.

Translated by
United Republicans of Iran

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