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Condemn the Closure of Iranian Human Rights Center

December 28, 2008

United Republicans of Iran

Condemn the shutdown of the renowned Iranian Human Rights center and demand an end to the suspension of its activities.

On December 21, 2008, just before a ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the police and the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran showed up at the center and assaulted the members of the center and sealed its office. The invitees included 200 –300 acclaimed Iranian individuals who were forced to leave the place upon the coerced closure of the center.

The security forces refused to present any official paper from the court ordering the closure of the center and did not offer any reasons for their actions. In August of 2006, commission of 10th article of Iran’s parliament pertaining to the activities of political parties and associations had deemed the Iranian Human Rights center illegal, but no one in the Islamic Republic establishment had called for its closure.

Closure of the center founded by the noble laureate Dr. Shirin Ebadi and backed by distinguished Iranians is yet another sign of escalation of violations of human rights in Iran. The Human Rights Center in Iran has pursued defending the rights of political and ideological detainees. The formation of the Peace committee in the wake of the dangers of international war against Iran, as well as organizing a panel to oversee a free and fair parliamentary election in Iran has turned the center into a national organization. Thus it has a special place in our society. Its shutdown is a blatant gesture by the ruling political system in Iran to cross the boundaries of violations of basic human rights and freedom.

This action of the Islamic Republic is the most inappropriate response to the recent UN General Assembly‘s deep concern over serious human rights violations in Iran. The proper acknowledgement of the demands of the international community from Islamic Republic in this matter is a sincere genuflection to the rights of the citizens.

The United Republicans of Iran warns against the consequences of such actions. Our organization together with all the peace and freedom seeking communities declares that we will use all of our resources to reopen the center. We may also consider placing a complaint to international institutions that are involved in such issues. The United Republicans of Iran requests cooperation of all Iranians in order to accomplish this task.

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