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Verdict of the International Criminal Court must be respected

March 10, 2009

United Republicans of Iran

Verdict of the International Criminal Court must be respected.

Arrest Warrant of Al Bashir is a step to end genocide in Darfur

Following the arrest warrant issued by the international Criminal Court against the president of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, charging him for crime against humanity and genocide of the people of Darfur, Islamic Republic of Iran was among those nations objecting this verdict and dispatched the speaker of Majlis to Sudan to convey in person its opposition.

International Criminal Court, an independent international court was formed to bring to justice those committing mass killings and war hence violating international legal laws. Omar Al Bashir, the President of Sudan, is charged with ordering the mass killing of innocent people of Darfur and its government not only has not arrested or prosecuted those committing these crimes, but rather they have been appointed to different ministerial positions.

According to reports by various credible human rights organizations, violation of human rights in Darfur is beyond denial. So far, hundreds of thousands of residents of this region have been brutally murdered by armed groups supported by the government and millions more have become homeless and living in difficult conditions in various refugee camps. All attempts by international community to end the suffrage of these people have been blocked by the government of Sudan aided by china and dictator governments that are members of African Union.

The arrest warrant of Al Bashir is an attempt to end and to bring to public attention this tragedy. The Islamic Republic of Iran, by openly declaring its opposition to such verdict has disregarded its own signature to the documents that formed the International court at the Hague. The question is why the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran support the genocide in Darfur? For what reason they openly support and back someone accused of war crime? What interest lies behind this move?

The United Republicans of Iran support the decision by the International Criminal Court to issue the arrest warrant of Mr. Al Bashir and believes such crimes against humanity by anyone in any capacity and position in any country must be condemned and anyone committing such crimes must be brought to justice in a court of law.

Members of the United Nations must adhere to the international organizations and assist in enforcing its orders.

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